What you need to know: You and/or your staff complete training and complete the demonstration of proficiency processess for becoming fully knowledgeable and officially qualified to perform DOT drug testing (by urine specimen collection) and DOT alcohol (initial) screening services.
This offering is for face to face, real time interaction with the course Instructor by use of an online source (e.g., Skype, Google Hangouts, webinar svc.). Session is by appointment only and can accommodate 1 person or a small group in one session. 6.5 hours in duration (may require add'l 30 minutes when more than 2 persons participating). Fee applies: $195 for first person; discounted rate applies for additional persons. 4 or more, ask for group rate. Prepayment secures appointment and must be paid at the time of scheduling.

Qualification after completion: success results in being officially qualified as a DOT Specimen Collector (for drug testing); and a DOT Screening Test Technician (STT) for non-evidential alcohol screening. Concerning alcohol screening, the focus is on saliva and breath collection for the initial screening. Please mention this when scheduling because you will need to determine at that time about the device(s) you will prefer to use in actual service. (Devices are indeed low cost.)

Environment: your clinic space. Relaxed. Using any of the online sources mentioned is simple, easy to set up. (If coaching is needed, please inquire. Source must be set up prior to the appointment.) Set up on PC or laptop. Typically, mobile phone is not the best way to complete this training because of the limited visual field a mobile phone provides. Training session includes 2-3 short breaks; training time must be uninterrupted time, so have some way to roll calls to a voice mail and somebody else to handle patients and tasks during the session! Feel free to have any snacks/foods and/or beverages for your comfort during the session.

Training: the DOT requires that training (and proficiency) is completed in order to provide these services to employers. Fee includes excellent training/reference materials, supplies for completing proficiency, and of course, evidence of having successfully completed training/proficiency. Training is thorough, comprehensive, giving you every detail you need to know in order to conduct testing in compliance with federal law and in a manner in which the employers you serve can be assured that the testing of their employees is done in full compliance to the requirements of 49 CFR Part 40. Expect: problem solving; discussion; review of training content; guidance; interactive learning and interactive demonstration of proficiency. No CEs. (If you need CEs, see bottom of this section.)

Payment is required at the time of scheduling the training appointment/session, and is nonrefundable in the event of postponement (by you) but may be used for the same or similar service at a later date. Cancellation by you means total amount is nonrefundable but may be used for the same or similar service at a later date.

To schedule please call (507) 455-1025

CEs and learning preferences:
For CEs for the DC, complete the online course available through Nothwestern Health Sciences University but inquire with the university's continuing ed department to learn if CEs are approved in your state. The online course will involve watching video instruction and referencing course handout/notes (be sure to print all notes). 8 hours. Demonstration of proficiency is completed outside of the online course with the course Instructor as a service for fee (payble to the course Instructor).