While the chiropractic occupational health and applied ergonomics specialty field has been well established since 1983 because of the efforts of the nonprofit IACOHC, it is within the most recent decade that employers have become better educated and informed concerning the educational background of the local doctor of chiropractic. Importantly, informed employers and insurers are aware of the effectiveness and efficacy of chiropractic for addressing the many safety and health needs of the workplace. Studies strongly support chiropractic for addressing many needs for workplace safety and employee health and wellness.

Today, the chiropractic profession may be the primary gatekeeper for employers, providing much needed accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment options for injured workers sustaining musculoskeletal or neuro-musculoskeletal injuries from over-exertion, repetitive motion, cumulative trauma, sprains, strains, and other activities. As well, chiropractic has made its mark for helping millions toward living healthier lives through wellness, disease management, and lifestyle considerations. Additionally, the profession has stepped up to the very forefront for providing services within the transportation injury as substance testing and examinations for commercial motor vehicle drivers. And today we see more and more DCs becoming positions in onsite (or near-site) clinics serving employee populations right at the workplace.

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