This organization exists for two audiences: DCs and employers. The IACOHC is a nonprofit corporate entity supported by its chiropractic members and friends of the IACOHC. It is autonomous entity, international in scope and support, and unaffiliated with other groups although the IACOHC works alongside like-minded entities and educational institutions for fulfilling its mission and purpose.

The mission of this nonprofit entity is to foster public health and safety through education, ergonomics, health promotion, optical clinical management, and other measures. Since its inception, the IACOHC has continuously made education and material resources of various types available to doctors of chiropractic whom have interest or practices focusing in the recognized specialty field of chiropractic occupational health and applied ergonomics.

In more current times the organization includes a particular and growing focus on
* Educating employers about the value of chiropractic,
* Providing helpful resources for employers for improving workplace safety and promoting employee health through work site wellness, lifestyle choices, and disease management.

Through education and the astounding outcomes of numerous studies, chiropractic is well established for delivering solutions to the workplace challenges employers face every day. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact, but many remain uninformed. (It's time to take a brand new look at the profession and to dismiss old thinking and to dispel myths.) Utilization of chiropractic for employee safety and health can help employers contain costs, keep people on the job and at work, and reduce injury and illness. When that can happen, everybody wins. Learn more...