Today more than ever before, employers are pursuing on-site chiropractic services for employee health and injury prevention to help with cost containment of overall health expenditures and for reducing lost productivity. Combining this trend with the rapidly growing interest of doctors of chiropractic to be positioned on-site with local employers, there is a tremendous need for becoming knowledgeable and well-equipped to respond to employers’ needs for maintaining employee health and reducing the alarming rate of work-related neuromusculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

To further prepare doctors of chiropractic for compentency and for the successful delivery of on-site services to business and industry, NWHSU and its co-sponsors offer a 3-weekend, 30-hour Certificate Program providing specialized training taught by seasoned experts in the occupational health and safety field. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on if you have given any consideration to on-site chiropractic or want to kick your onsite presence up a notch.

Doctors who are planning ahead or already providing on-site services to employers can become listed in the ON-SITE CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES PROVIDERS DIRECTORY so that employers will have direct access to you.