The IACOHC maintains a directory of Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) who have completed specialized postgraduate education and training* for On-site Employee Health and Safety services. Please click on a state below to access a DC to provide on-site workplace services for your business:

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On-site services by DCs vary according to:
- the types of services available by the individual doctor
- the business arrangement between the company and the individual doctor
- and other variables
While listings indicate services, the business owner should contact the DC to learn more how the specific needs of the workforce can be addressed. Each workplace is unique and every workforce population has unique needs.

Disclaimer: While the list of DCs available for on-site employee health and safety is included on this web site, the IACOHC assumes no responsibility as to the individual DC's performance, relationship with a company, or the services or manner in which services are provided. Be sure to ask the DC you select, any relevant questions concerning his or her education, credentials and clinical experience.

* All DCs complete a minimum of 4,800 hours in basic education in anatomy, biomechanics, clinical case management, and other topics. The doctors listed in this directory have completed varied levels of postgraduate education including on-site employee health and safety, a coursework area within the broad specialty area of occupational health/safety and applied ergonomics education.